Helping Hurting Friends in Crisis


Encouragement for Our Hurting Friends in Crisisdownload

You don’t have to look far before you find someone in your life hurting. Whether it is a friend, a family member or even your spouse. People are hurting. How can we provide the encouragement that they need. The hardest and easiest answer all at the same time… YOU! You are the best encouragement for the hurting heart! Love them as Jesus would love them. Call them, support them, provide scripture, provide resources.

Let them know they are NOT alone. Just knowing someone cares is the greatest encouragement that you can give them. It is also the hardest thing on you. When people are hurting,

it is hard to be around them. Pray for wisdom, pray for the overflow to give them what they need. God WILL give it to you. Sometimes, silence is a beautiful healer. Typically people are not looking for answers, just someone to walk the journey with them. You don’t have to have the right answers, just be the right friend at the right time, in the right situation.

Do for one what you want to do for Everyone

Andy Stanley did a sermon on this. It is a huge challenge to me and hopefully to you. So many times we get so overwhelmed by the pain around us that it paralyzes us to do nothing. So go the extra mile with that friend. Go deep. Go long. Go for the duration. Love as Jesus loved. Give as Jesus gave. You can’t do it for everyone, but you CAN do it for this one. Something made you search for this topic. Someone is already on your heart. Give them you… be there when they call. Drop what you are doing to make them feel important. Give them undivided attention. Often people come to counseling because there is no one else in their lives that they feel safe enough to just share their heart. Provide that safe haven for your friend. Do for them what you wish you could do for everyone!! It will change their world, and most likely your own.

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